Azure Database Ganso

We will use Microsoft Excel / Access / Azure / Office 365 to share information sharing the database from this site.

Create tables in SharePoint Online (or convert from Access)

SharePoint is a Web-based collaborative platform provided by Microsoft.


If you use SharePoint Online custom list as Access table, you can cloud and convert Access data.

I will explain how to set it.


When you sign in to Office 365, a screen like the one shown below appears.

Select [Sites].



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Why Office 365 is recommended?

Business within the enterprise has been digitized and it is getting more and more to email and save on paper basis. In order to cope with such an environment, I was encouraged to use Office 365.


A friend (Kuma Hashi) who introduced the Office 365 has decided to support the company by using Office 365, with the end of system development for 30 years.


I would like to introduce the know-how of efficiency improvement accumulated over 30 years to all of you, along with my friend (Kuma Hashi).

※ Kuma beard is Office 365 Microsoft official technical qualified person.

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JavaScript 仕事の現場でサッと使える!デザイン教科書

いままでに携わった 言語は、BASIC、d-Base II、CS-Concept、桐、db-Magic、Visual Basic、Visual Basic for Application( Excel / Access )、ASP.NET、PHP、そして今回、JavaScript を勉強することになった。


いままでずっと、デスクトップアプリばかりを作成してきたのだが、いよいよローカルデータベースもWeb(Azure / SharePoint)に移動することになり、ブラウザでデータベースを表示することが必要になってきた。


そうなってくると、JavaScript を書けないと仕事がすすまない。

今日買ってきた本は、「JavaScript 仕事の現場でサッと使える!デザイン教科書」だ。


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