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We will use Microsoft Excel / Access / Azure / Office 365 to share information sharing the database from this site.

Why Office 365 is recommended?

Business within the enterprise has been digitized and it is getting more and more to email and save on paper basis. In order to cope with such an environment, I was encouraged to use Office 365.


A friend (Kuma Hashi) who introduced the Office 365 has decided to support the company by using Office 365, with the end of system development for 30 years.


I would like to introduce the know-how of efficiency improvement accumulated over 30 years to all of you, along with my friend (Kuma Hashi).

※ Kuma beard is Office 365 Microsoft official technical qualified person.

Why recommend Office 365?

High security

There are various ways to share files among companies.

1. Sharing Drop Box

2. Share One Drive

3. Share Google Drive


Why do not you use these shared functions among companies?

I think that it is done as a group company or among friendly acquaintances, but it is not yet popular among general companies.


Is not it a security concern? The reason is,

1. Since folders are created in the Explorer, there is anxiety that you will accidentally copy confidential files.

2. It will be done at the discretion of the individual without permission from the company.

In case

What I would like to propose is to share files with Office 365 SharePoint Online.



SharePoint Online is a platform to operate with browsers to collaborate among in-business groups and external companies. (It can also be used in Office 365 plan)

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By using SharePoint Online, you can easily create a homepage dedicated to two companies, the company and the trading company.

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The following page is a sample page of [Share with the outside] using SharePoint Online.


You need a Microsoft Account to view

For those who wish to view, if you can comment "I would like to view external shared samples" in the comments below, I set the viewing authority. Please feel free to comment.

In case

▼ [External sharing] sample site



For those who do not understand Office 365

If you do not understand the settings of SharePoint Online or Office 365, we will be able to create SharePoint Online.